About us



Agnieszka came to Hamburg to learn German. She did learn Salsa instead.

Over the years the dance student became a dance teacher whose passion rubbed off on others. But she felt enthusiasm for Cuban culture in northern Germany still missing out, so she and Holger created UNiDANZA.

By the way, meanwhile she also knows some German.

No risk, no fun!



Holger dances since he was 16. In the beginning to impress the girls. And today to impress the girls. And because it’s fun.

Because Salsa is a getaway for the senses. He wants to help promoting the Afro-Cuban dance culture, changing good dancers into even better dancers while keeping up the fun factor.
A true word spoken placidly.


Artist Care

Already at the age of 15, Alex began to dance - but only while beeing in an "exile" in Hanover 2003 she discovered her love for the Cuban salsa. After returning to Hamburg 2006, she has been starting to become more involved in the local salsa scene. She is one of the initators of the Timbar party, the best cuban salsa party in Northern Germany.

Viva la Locura de Cuba!


Festival-Management (Workshops)

Almost 6 years ago Jenni visited her first salsa class, which changed her life completely. Today, there is hardly a day when she does not dance - at parties, at workshops and classes, at home in the living room or with the Hot Tumbao Crew, with whom she is traveling to various festivals in Germany.

Since 2012 she is part of the UNiDANZA Volunteer team and knows the special needs of a good festival.

A life without salsa - inconceivable!


Festival-Management (Workshops)

Anja has been dancing since her childhood. She started with traditional ballroom dances and expolored the fascination of Salsa after a few years of Lindy Hop. From Salsa it was a quick way to fall in love with Afro and Rumba.

Today she loves touring from festival to festival to meet all the other salsa lunatics of the great community.

Since 2017 she is part of the UNiDANZA management family.

A gozar!


Festival-Management (Partys)

9 years ago she discovered Salsa in a company sports group. Since then, she learned dancing salsa in various classes and workshops.

Today she is dancing every day. At the dance schoon, at home, at the balcony or the kitchen. And of course at UNiDANZA!

Heike has already been part of our team last year. Since 2018 she has been fully responsible for our partys.

I only can dance what I feel. Salsa is what I feel.


Festival-Management (Konzert)

After her short ballet carreer, Yala felt in love with the cuban salsa more than 6 years ago.

Since the beginning she is part of the management team of Timbrar, the most successfull cuban salsa party in Northern Germany. Since one year she has been working as instructor for cuban salsa and DJ in her new home-town Cologne.

Since 3 years she is part of our party team at UNiDANZA.



Customer Care

At the tender age of seven Rebecca got addicted to the most wonderful hobby. She stepped into a ballet studio and for twelve years she did ballet, jazz dance and hip hop. After being forced to stop dancing for about a year her italian uncle and a friend brought her to Salsa Crossbody style but finally her sister showed her the „right track“.

Rebecca is with UNiDANZA from the beginning and meanwhile would never trade Salsa for any other hobby in the world.

At least we are dancing!