About us

Luis Duarte


At the age of 17, Luis got to know and love the Cuban salsa and Afro-Cuban dances. In order to develop his dance style, Luis spent some time in Cuba. Back in Germany, he began to acquire new dance styles to further expand his style. Therefore he learned ballet, capoeira and some time later also breakdancing and locking. By combining elements of these dances with the salsa cubana, Luis has developed his unique and distinctive style. With the idea of uniting these different dance styles and expanding them in terms of group dynamics, he founded the dance group “Hot Tumbao”, for which he still choreographs and organizes.
In addition to teaching at the two Hamburg dance schools “El Chevere” and “SalsaDiversion!”, Luis is also in demand and popular at national and international salsa festivals as a dance teacher, choreographer and show dancer. And even as a DJ, you can meet Luis regularly not only in the Hamburg salsa scene but also at national and international festivals.



Born in Santiago de Chile, Vero discovered the salsa cubana and its associated culture in 2002. She attended classes, workshops and festivals, took private lessons and learned from a large number of well-known Cuban dance teachers. One of them was already at the beginning Yorgenis “Yoyo” Danger Garcia, with whom she continued to work later.
In August 2015, she took over the management of the dance school SalsaDiversion! and works with her team with full commitment to pass on and spread the shared passion. She is the heart of the dance school and is indispensable as a teacher, manager and mum of the lively and colorful SD! family.
Since 2017 she has been dancing in the show groups “Sandungueras” and “Hot Tumbao”. As part of the duo “Sandungueras” she won the first place of the Fredy Clan’s Rising Star Competition at the UNiDANZA festival in the same year under the direction of Yorgenis “Yoyo” Danger Garcia.



to know Salsa Cubana a few years ago. It didn’t take long before her passion for Afro-Cuban Dances was discovered. Since then she has been visiting festivals in Germany and Europe regularly and loves to meet all the people of the Salsa scene that are as dance-crazy as she is.
In 2017, she joined Fredy Clan’s Rising Star Competition as member of the duo “Sandungueras” and won the 1st place together with Vero. Furthermore, Anja, like Luis and Vero, is a member of the dance group “Hot Tumbao” and is now also a dance teacher.
As a former member of the UNiDANZA organization team, Anja gained experience in the past years behind the scenes of the festival and is well able to bring her know-how to our new team.



Almost 8 years ago, Jenny attended her very first salsa course, which changed her life from the moment she arrived. Since then, there is hardly a day she doesn't dance - whether at parties, workshops, at home in the living room or with the "Hot Tumbao" crew, with which she is traveling throughout Germany to various festivals. Together with Luis, Jenny has also taught at several festivals in Germany and abroad.
She has been part of the UNiDANZA Volunteer Team since 2012 and knows the peculiarities of good festival support and organization.



Jule is our newest member of the UNiDANZA team. When she had her first trial lesson in one of Vero’s courses a couple of years ago, she signed up for a full year immediately after and has been attending regular classes, workshops and festivals ever since.
In her daily life apart from the Salsa family, Jule is an event manager and loves the organization and planning of events of all kinds. Thanks to her many years of professional experience and the regular participation in festivals, she knows the challenges that can arise in front of or behind the festival scenes and always faces them with a smile.