UNiDANZA Auditions

This year we’ve made a special change to the Masterclass workshops, which came about due to all the feedback we got last year. Many of you told us that the Masterclass workshops were often too full and that the level of the participants was too varied.

For this reason we would like to try out having an audition for the Masterclass workshops to make sure everyone is on the same level and to give very advanced dancers the most supportive atmosphere possible in which to learn and improve.

We have also decided to focus the workshops in the Masterclass level on Afro and Rumba.

You can secure a spot in these workshops in the audition! The number of participants will be limited to the number of people that can comfortably dance in the workshop space.

But don’t worry: If you don’t qualify for the Masterclass workshops, there are still many Rumba and Afro workshops available outside of the Masterclass level where you can learn a lot and work on your dance style.

This year the content of the Masterclass workshops will concentrate on Rumba and Afro styles. Therefore, there will be separate auditions for each style. If you qualify at the Afro audition, you can take all the Afro Masterclass workshops over the course of the weekend, and the same goes for the Rumba Masterclass workshops if you qualify at the Rumba audition. You want to take all the Masterclass workshops in both Afro and Rumba? No problem! Of course you can take part in both the Afro and Rumba auditions.

The audition and masterclass workshops are included in our Fullpass. The audition takes place Saturday at 11am in Floor 4.


Facts about the auditons

  • Participation in Masterclass workshops is limited to those who pass the audition
  • The two blocks of auditions on Friday evening and Saturday morning are each divided according to dance style: The first part is Afro and the second part is Rumba. Pick the audition time that works best for you. For organizational reasons, please do not attend both audition times.
  • You do not have to sign up for the auditions in advance
  • The audition as well as the Masterclass workshops are all included in the full pass (participation with a day pass is not possible)
  • The number of participants in the Masterclass workshops is limited

How the auditions work

  • In the first half of both audition times, you will dance different Afro dances (mainly standard Orishas) together with our festival instructors.
  • While you dance, we / selected instructors will give qualified dancers an extra festival wristband that you should wear for the duration of the festival and which will grant you access to the Masterclass workshops
  • If our instructors do not have the impression that you’re ready to participate Masterclass workshops this year, you will not be given a wristband.
  • The same procedure will be repeated in the second half of the audition, though this time we’ll be checking how far along you are in Rumba. Here we will expect you to be able to dance Rumba to the music by yourself.

Evaluation criteria

  • Considering that Afro and Rumba are very complex and varied dancing styles, is it almost impossible to evaluate dancers based on clearly defined criteria. We will therefore leave it up to our instructors to make decisions about who can participate in their workshops based on their background as processional dancers and their experience as dance instructors.
  • In general: We expect the participants in the auditions to have a sound background in Afro and Rumba and a wide spectrum of different movements.

Fine print

  • You didn’t qualify for the Masterclass workshops? As in previous years, there are still many other different Afro and Rumba workshops where you can dance, learn, and continue perfecting your technique.
  • As we are holding auditions for the first time this year, our instructors will be figuring out this new task as it happens. Please trust in their lifelong experience and training and don’t be sad if you don’t qualify this time!
  • Full passes cannot be returned if you do not pass the audition! Please take into account the chance that you may not qualify for the Masterclass workshops in advance!