Das neue UNiDANZA-Konzept

With UNiDANZA’s new core training concept, we want to revolutionize the way festivals are today!

No matter if workshops or parties: We want to raise the quality of every single festival component to a new level.

What does the UNiDANZA Core Training concept look like in detail?

The festival consists of the following programme items:

– Intensives
– Core Training
– Salsa Beginner-Bootcamp
– Parties


As in previous years, our Intensive classes offer you the opportunity to intensify your knowledge about different dances, elements or styling concepts in small groups of max 20 persons.

Each Intensive deals independently with a different theme from the Afro-Cuban dance world. You will find topics and requirements for participation in the respective descriptions.

The intensive classes take place on Friday afternoon.



The core training concept is completely new and will replace the previous workshop model of the festival in total.<(p>

This year we offer two main topics (Afro and Timba/Reggaeton). In all 6 dance halls (four for Afro, two for Timba/Reggaeton) we will held workshops based on these two themes. The different dance halls / gyms in which we have the same main topic differ in the dance level of the participants and the corresponding teaching content.

All participants (with the exception of those who register in advance for the Afro Core training at beginner level) will be assigned to a dance hall at the beginning of the festival by our instructors according to the dance level ("auditions"). A change between different rooms is no longer planned in the new concept.

The new concept guarantees maximum learning success! The number of persons per classroom is limited.

This way, all participants - based on their individual knowledge - can develop their dance horizon of Afro and Timba/Reggeaton in didactically high-level classes. In the Timba/Reggaeton core training we pay attention to a balanced leader/follower ratio.

The core training takes place all day on Saturday and Sunday.


Salsa Einsteiger-Bootcamp

You don't have any experiences in the Salsa Cubana (or you forgot everything you've onced learned)? Then the Salsa beginner bootcamp is the right choice!

In a 2 x 4-hour crash course on a weekend, our instructors teach all the essential basic steps and first dance elements of Cuban Salsa.

The beginner boot camp takes place on Saturday and Sunday from midday.


We know that the festival parties in recent years have not necessarily been our greatest strength. Now we want to change that for good!

That's why we move our parties to one of the most cult and suitable locations of the city! In the Gruenspan (known from our concerts in the last two years) we will turn the mood to the maximum. Finally we get the parties that are appropriate for our festival. We are really looking forward to it!

The parties on Friday and Saturday evening will take place in Gruenspan. For participants of the core training and the beginner boot camp both parties are included. For guests a limited contingent of tickets is available in advance and possibly at the box office.

The party on Sunday evening (in the sports studio, NOT in the Gruenspan!) is exclusively reserved for the participants of the festival (core training, intensive and beginner boot camp) and for people having a weekend partypass. There will be no box office at this evening.