The foundation of UNiDANZA as we know it today, was made almost 10 years ago. When Holger and Agnieszka started planning their first festival in early 2010, they could not begin to guess how big the Afro Cuban Dance Festival would be. Meanwhile, the small event has become the largest Cuban dance festival in Europe.

From the beginning it was extremely important to the team around Holger, Agnieszka and later also Alex, that the wishes and suggestions of the UNiDANZA participants in the programs would be been taken into account over the years. Therefore, in early 2019, they added another chapter to the UNiDANZA story to introduce people to new dances and turn good dancers into even better dancers: the first stone for the new and unique core training experience was laid.

But life can´t always be planned and there are many surprises. In summer 2019, the UNiDANZA team decided to withdraw from the active festival organization and return to private life (we sincerely wish them all the best!).

Now the time for us as a new organization team begins and we face this task with excitement and joy. The new core training concept made our decision to continue UNiDANZA much easier. Even though UNiDANZA is no longer the largest Cuban dance festival in Europe and not all former festival participants find themselves immediately in the new concept, we want to stick to it. We are convinced that the new Core Training concept will meet your requirements for good teaching with the greatest possible learning success, great parties and a great family get-together.

Or, to put it in the words of Holger, Agnieszka and Alex: we believe that development is vital and only possible if one throws aside concerns and just starts.

We are pleased that you are accompanying us on the new path and can hardly wait for UNiDANZA 2020!
Your UNiDANZA team
Luis, Vero, Anja, Jenny and Jule