Driven by their passion and love for Cuban music and dance culture, Agnieszka and Holger have been active in Hamburg’s salsa scene for almost 15 years. In this long time we have already been able to leave one or the other footprint. As volunteer at the legendary Cubamemucho-Festivals in Munich, as dance teacher at various dance schools and the university sport depertment, as part of the Orga-Team at SalsaDiversion!, still one of the most important dance schools for Salsa Cubana in Northern Germany and as organizer of parties like the Timbar, which is nowaday a role model for other party series in Germany.

But our very special love belongs to a project that has – thanks to you – grown from a small event to the biggest Cuban dance festival in Europe

When we started planning UNiDANZA at the beginning of 2010, we couldn’t have imagined that the Afro Cuban Dance Festival would be the melting pot of the community. Our motivation back then and still is to develop the community further, to give it a home, to introduce people to great new dances and to make good dancers even better.

UNiDANZA was never an end in itself – and never will be. We have always tried to give your wishes a place in our program. In the last few months, however, we have noticed that it is almost impossible to meet all of your requirements and demands. A festival that wants to satisfy all needs will fail because of expectations and – in our opinion – is simply no longer the right model.

After many discussions with you and thanks to the very active participation of our “new” third in the group (hereby also quite officially “Welcome, Alex!”) we have decided to reinvent UNiDANZA for this reasons: To meet your demands for good lessons, great parties and a more social engagement and to do again what has always been our motivation: to introduce people to new dances and to turn good dancers into even better ones.

Welcome to the unique core training experience. Welcome to UNiDANZA 2020!

We have consciously taken the risk that not all of you will find yourselves in the new concept anymore. We want to present you a new festival form, which is not only different from all other events in Europe but can therefore offer more valuable lessons than any other festival around and make sure that our annual get-together becomes more familiar and cuddly again.

Even if UNiDANZA will no longer be the biggest Cuban salsa festival in Europe, we believe that development is essential and that this is only possible if you throw doubts overboard and just start.

We hope that you will join us on the new UNiDANZA way and are already looking forward to a great UNiDANZA 2020 with you!