Time for great music. Time for the greatest cuban musicans!

We are proud that we can present one of the greatest cuban bands live at UNiDANZA this year! On Sunday night Manolito y su Trabuco will give an exclusive live concert at the Afro Cuban Dance Festival Hamburg!

Right in time to present their latest album Manolito y su Trabuco are back in Europe! The perfect last highlight at UNiDANZA this year!

The last festival workshops will end ar 6.15 pm / 7.30 pm. Enough time to refresh for this amazing concert. Tickets for the concert are – of course – available also for anyone not joining the other highlights of the festival!

Please note that you need to wear your UNiDANZA fullpass wristband when entering the concert with an discounted concert ticket!

Sunday, 14.10.2018
Doors open: 8.00 pm
Concert: 9.00 pm
Discounted: 24 €
Standard: 28 €
Box office: 32 €
Große Freiheit 58
22767 Hamburg
The concert highlight 2018!
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Manolito y su Trabuco

Sixteen-member Manolito y su Trabuco is one of Cuba's greatest and best loved timba bands. The group's innumerable international tours are a mark of its huge success over the past 15 years.

Salsa lovers know what they're doing. Manolito y su Trabuco is an innovative group with a unique line-up. The latter is based on the traditional line-up of charanga orchestras (violon, cello and flute) plus timbales, to which visionary band leader Manolito Simonet has added keyboards and drums. Top that with three singers, who all take solos, and you have a veritable war machine. Manolito y su Trabuco has salseros the world over dancing. Resistance is useless!

Born in Camaguey in 1961, Manuel Simonet learnt piano and tres with the Amateur Artists Movement. In the early 1980, he became the pianist for two groups, Lagrimas Negras and Inspiracion, and in 1986 became musical director, composer and arranger for the Maravillas de Florida orchestra. En 1993, he created his own group, Manolito y su Trabuco. The term "trabuco" in Cuba refers to a team's power, a bit like the Haka war dance performed by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. Manolito's Trabuco lives up to its name. It is a powerful, explosive group that inspires ecstatic reactions from fans and a hearty recommendation to see them live.

In 1994, Mi Salsa, Cuba's most popular TV programme, hailed the group as the discovery of the year. The following year they produced their first record, Directo al Corazon, with Egrem and embarked on their first international tour. Both were an instant success.

More albums followed: Contra Todos los Pronosticos (Egrem, 1996), Marcando la Distancia (Egrem, 1998), Para Que Baile Cuba (Egrem, 2000) and Se Rompieron los Termometros (Egrem, 2001). Manolito y su Trabuco won the top dance music prize at the Cuban record festival Cubadisco in 1999 and 2000, as well as the Nicolas Guillen poetry for the track Llego la Musica Cubana.


25th Anniversary Europe Tour