UNiDANZA is not only three days of workhops, new dance ideas and means of expression – but above all it’s fun, passion, culture and love of life.

UNiDANZA means meeting new people from all different countries, social dancing and celebrating unforgettable nights. That’s why the parties are the true highlight of the event.

We know that the festival parties in recent years have not necessarily been our greatest strength. Now we want to change that for good!

That’s why we move our parties to one of the most cult and suitable locations of the city! In the Gruenspan (known from our concerts in the last two years) we will turn the mood to the maximum. Finally we get the parties that are appropriate for our festival. We are really looking forward to it!

The parties on Friday and Saturday evening will take place in Gruenspan. For participants of the core training and the beginner boot camp both parties are included. For guests a limited contingent of tickets is available in advance and possibly at the box office.

The party on Sunday evening (in the sports studio, NOT in the Gruenspan!) is exclusively reserved for the participants of the festival (core training, intensive and beginner boot camp) and for people having a weekend partypass. There will be no box office at this evening.